Mining setup 101

So you are new, and you want to get into mining, so here is a really basic guide on what you need. I suggest if you havent done them already to go through ALL of the starter career agents, they will give you ships, items, cash and skillbooks, quite few of which you need to get into mining as well as teach you about the basics of the game

While you mine I suggest that you read up on all things EVE, to decide where you want to go with your character. If you like planning out ahead, I highly suggest EVEMon to sort out your skills, and EFT - EVE Fitting tool for ships
With EVEMon you can simply download and insert the whole skillplan listed here. You can also shorten down the training time by buying implants.

Note: I suggest you stay in high-sec all the time while mining, I myself stayed in the starter system till I got my retriever running, and now parked in a 0.6 security system, low-sec is not worth the risk

Skills needed


While you mine you may want to check some of these

Created by Aliana Heartborne. Last updated: 2013-11-09